Women's Freedom Ride Sets New Record in the United States

Published: Jun. 15, 2019 at 6:57 PM CDT
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Female bikers from all over the country gathered in the Capital City on Saturday for the Women's Freedom Ride.

Ursula Furze traveled all the way from Colorado for the rally and said, "It feels really good to be part of something that empowers other females."

The Women's Freedom Ride organization started back in 2013 to help veterans, and bring awareness to the impact women riders have in the motorcycle community.

Karen Collins is the CEO and proud founder of Women's Freedom Ride, she said, "It's a sisterhood. It's like we know each other, we love each other, we care about each other, and that's family."

Sandy Barker is a rider from Kansas, and wholeheartedly agreed saying, "The best part of it is we all help each other and it's just like a big sisterhood."

In 2013, the first rally had just 13 women. But, on Saturday over 750 women rode their bikes down the Heartland Motorsports Park track, to set a world record for most women riding in one event.

Unfortunately they did not reach that goal this time, but many said they were happy to be a part of setting a different record.

The group set the record for the largest all female motorcycle ride in the United States. The ladies said that was an accomplishment in itself.

"It was exciting having so many women in one place riding together," said Barker.

Furze said, "We're very lucky in this life to get to do something like this, and if you get to do it here in America then take the chance and do it," she added, "In America we are strong, and our women are super amazing and super strong."

The Women's Freedom Ride organization said they want to attempt to set the world record again next year.

Barker believes it would empower even more women saying, "I believe it unites us and we get more women riders this way, because women will see us and go 'I can do that'."

If you are interested in donating, or want to learn more about the organization and its cause, you can visit their website at