Home infested by bed bugs after buying sofa from thrift store

Published: May. 18, 2016 at 11:53 AM CDT
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A family trying to save a few bucks on furniture learned the hear way: buyer beware.

They bought a sofa from a second-hand store and with that purchase they ended up with an unwelcome guest. When they brought the sofa home they ended up with an infestation of bed bugs.

"They're very painful as well as itchy," Alysha Danks said.

It was a trip to the Cat's Meow thrift shop that started Danks' itchy saga. She said her family got red inflamed bites from bedbugs living inside furniture she bought from the store.

"It's not where I expected to be at six months pregnant, tearing my house apart," Danks said.

She feels the store's owner Do All Inc. hasn't done enough to take care of her issue.

CEO Chris Girard admits the problem did come from the furniture Danks bought, but the company's insurance declined to repay Danks for her damages because the furniture was sold as-is.

"I felt I was getting the run around," Danks said.

Girard said Do-All has now paid for an exterminator for Danks and will offer her new furniture if she wants it.

"We felt as an organization we are here to help people and we are trying to go above and beyond to make a difference," Girard said.

He said the company also had a pest inspection to ensure all of their other furniture is OK.

While it's been a real hassle for Danks, she hopes her experience serves as a wake-up call for others in the market for second-hand furniture.

"I know that it can happen now. I didn't before," Danks said.