Wolf Creek leak and shutdown not related to weekend quake

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BURLINGTON, Kan. (WIBW)-- The Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating company is in shutdown mode after a minor water leak was discovered last Friday.

After some initial confusion in describing the cause of the leak, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Public Affairs Officer Victor Dricks confirms what Wolf Creek Communications Director Jenny Hagemen is telling 13 NEWS.

NRC and Wolf Creek say the leak was caused by a cracked weld in what is known as a penetration nozzle at the top of the reactor vessel.

The cracked weld is not related to the weekend earthquake that affected seven Midwest states.

The water leak did not result in any radiation escaping from the facility.

Officials said there was a planned maintenance and refueling shutdown set for September 24th, so the plant made the decision to keep Wolf Creek offline through the scheduled outage but such an outage could take at least 4 weeks.

On a related topic, Wolf Creek officials are meeting with Nuclear Regulatory officials in Arlington, Texas On Sept. 21 to discuss what they called, "...an apparent violation in maintaining emergency diesel generators at the plant near Burlington, Kansas."

Officials said that a generator failed 3 hours into a 24-hour run due to a faulty electrical component, however, there was no danger, because other means were available to supply emergency power to the plant if needed.

The September 21st meeting will determine whether additional inspections and oversight might be needed.