Witnesses recount man being shot, run over in Topeka parking lot

Ty’vaire Demone Henderson (Source: Shawnee Co. Dept. of Corrections)
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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- When a bar patron leaned against a car, two women screamed at him, then one of them complained to another man, who pulled a pistol, shot the patron, then ran over him with an SUV.

That account came from witnesses who testified Wednesday during the preliminary hearing of Ty'Vaire Demone Henderson.

Henderson, 22, was bound over for trial on one count of attempted premeditated first-degree murder in the shootings and injuries suffered by Jesse Green, 30.

Green testified he got off work August 16, and went to two bars before he ended up at the Lazy Toad, 5331 S.W. 22nd Place, early on August 17. Green had been drinking mixed drinks and shots, he testified.

"I guess I had a little more to drink than I should have," Green said.

Green said he walked outside to the Lazy Toad's parking lot around 2 a.m. The next thing he remembered was waking up in a hospital, where he was admitted with four gunshot wounds.

Green said he was shot two times in the left side, the bullets striking his intestines and his back, and once each in the left bicep and lower left arm.

"My skin was missing on my back like I had been dragged on concrete," Green testified.

In court Wednesday, Green didn't remember any conflict with anyone at the Lazy Toad, and he neither knows Henderson nor recognizes him, he testified.

During the hearing, Green viewed two surveillance videos showing the shootings and an SUV dragging him.

In one video, Green is seen falling to the pavement after he was shot, then the gunman returned to an SUV, and backed over Green, dragging him.

Green testified he wasn't carrying a knife or gun that night, and he didn't recognize anyone he knew in the two surveillance clips.

A witness named Kassandra testified Green had leaned on a car in the Lazy Toad parking lot. She said two women approached him, screaming to get away from their car. The witness said the women then called over two men, who started talking to Green.

Things became more "aggravated," she said. When Green backed away from the women's car, his arms were at his side, the witness said.

Kassandra said things escalated when an SUV pulled up, and one of the women began talking to the driver.

She testified the SUV's driver exited the vehicle, said something to Green, fired a pistol up in the air, then lowered the pistol and shot Green in the arm and torso. She said Green fell, and the SUV driver backed the vehicle over him.

The witness said she was roughly 20 feet from the shooting, according to her description Wednesday. She said she and a friend tried to assist Green until help arrived.

On Wednesday, Kassandra looked at Henderson and identified him as the SUV driver.

Shawnee County District Court Judge Steven Ebberts set aside one week for the trial, starting May 11.