Wichita State student faces possible discipline after paying tickets in change

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- A pile of change lands a Wichita State University student in hot water.

He faces a student conduct meeting Wednesday after paying for his parking tickets with nickels, dimes and quarters.

Driving around Wichita State's campus, it can be difficult to find a parking spot, let alone a spot that doesn't require a permit. Student Brian Hayes decided to park in a new university parking garage, thinking it was free to do so after 5 p.m.

"So that's when I got the first (ticket)," Hayes says. "I appealed it, lost the appeal and accepted my fate, was going to pay it. But I wasn't going to go easily."

Hayes got a $25 ticket for parking in the garage, which he found is pay-to-park, 24 hours per day. Wichita State charged another $5 for his appeal after he lost his case.

Hayes says he received mixed reactions for the $30 payment made in nickels.

"Well, the first lady was nice enough. She thought it was a little humorous," Hayes says. "The other lady in financial operations was not interested or entertained. She was not having none of my shenanigans."

The second woman told Hayes not to come back with "all" change. He returned with "some" change, paying for another ticket and purchasing a parking permit using crumpled $1 bills, dimes and quarters.

That's when Hayes was referred to Student Conduct for failure to comply with staff.

13 NEWS' sister-station KWCH reached out to Wichita State and received the following statement:

"We can appreciate the frustration in getting a parking ticket. However, it's unfortunate that a student chose to take out his displeasure on employees who had nothing to do with causing his unhappiness."

Hayes says he did not violate any rules by paying in change and that he expects his meeting with Student Conduct Wednesday to go well.

"I feel good about it," Hayes says. "I feel justified. I wasn't wrong. It's money."