Wichita North High student dies after coming home from 457-day hospital stay

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) — Less than two weeks after family and friends gathered to welcome her home, a Wichita North High School student has died.

Zei Uwadie spent than a year of her life in a Kansas City hospital on life support.

Her mother, Brie Kerschen, posted about her daughter's death on Facebook.

"Zei won her battle with the universe tonight at 7:54 pm, at home, in her bed, in my arms," she said.

In a previous post, Brie said Zei's homecoming was both profound and challenging.

"We are grateful and grieving as this is not the home she dreamt of returning to 6 months ago, off ecmo, new trach. But we are home. With Jai and Ziah and an army of helpers, Zei is surviving but not yet thriving. We are trying to find balance between pushing and patience and right now really need prayer."

Zei became the first person to walk while on life support during her stay at Children's Mercy in Kansas City.