Where to find CBS shows when severe weather interrupts them

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — WIBW-TV is committed to keeping everyone in our area safe and informed when severe weather threatens.

If WIBW and the 13 NEWS Weather Team need to broadcast severe weather warnings in our area, WIBW will move CBS shows to the secondary channel.

If you are watching by antenna, turn to 13.2 to continue to watch CBS programming. If you are watching Cox Cable turn to Channel 11.

Full List

  • WTC Communications - ch. 10 / 118
  • Cox - ch. 4,11
  • Valunet Cable - ch. 14
  • Wheatstate Telephone - ch. 14
  • Blue Valley Telecom Inc. - ch. 15,20
  • Tri-County Telephone Assoc, Inc. - ch. 18
  • Cable One - ch. 32
  • Twin Valley Telephone - ch. 36
  • Rainbow Telecommunications - ch. 5
  • Eagle Communications - ch. 6,22,49
  • Giant Communications - ch. 8

Unfortunately, WIBW is not allowed to re-broadcast CBS programming at a later time, so we cannot air episode, such as NCIS, overnight after the severe weather coverage has ended.

Dish and Direct TV do not carry our secondary channel.

CBS.com puts each new episode of a program on its website the day after it airs. Please go to CBS.com the next day to watch any of your favorite programs!