Wheatfield Village project updates and latest concerns

Published: Dec. 29, 2018 at 4:16 PM CST
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The Wheatfield Village project is under way as structures begin to pop up, but not everyone is excited about the traffic that will come with it.

2019 is just days away, and Wheatfield Village's construction is progressing as they hope to open restaurants there this year.

But, the new entertainment destination at 29th and Fairlawn has sparked some concerns from locals.

Sara Anderson said, "I don’t really mind the construction now, it’s just i’m wondering at the end of the day how its all going to work out when we only have one way out onto Fairlawn Rd.”

Sara voiced these concerns back in 2017 at a City Council meeting and said that no one ever addressed them.

One manager at a nearby business said that they have heard some consider it as a plus and others a minus.

Many said it is too soon to tell either way how it will affect them.

Development plans show restaurants, a Marriott hotel, a 9-screen movie theatre, and a 178-unit apartment complex.

Anderson lives nearby and had this to say, "I’m all in favor of improvement in Topeka, this is my hometown, I want it to look good and be good. But, I also want it to be workable and not cause too much traffic and too many headaches."

Restaurants in Wheatfield Village are anticipated to open in June of 2019. That includes PT’s Coffee, SPIN! Pizza and Johnny’s Tavern.

The Marriott Springhill Suites and B&B Theatre are also set to open, but not until 2020.