"We've never had water that high:" Flooding forces water rescue in Burlington

BURLINGTON, Kan. (WIBW) - Severe flooding forced responders to rescue residents from a Burlington neighborhood Friday night when water filled the streets and rushed into their homes.

"We've never had water that high,” Dorothy Schwartz, a neighborhood resident who was rescued Friday, said.

As the water in Rock Creek rose, Schwartz and her family began moving furniture from their basement.

"I just came up and said, 'Oh, it's getting closer,' and my husband took a walk around, he said, 'It's gonna come in.’”

Flood waters poured into the neighborhood, quickly engulfing its streets.

"Just our driveway alone, it was past our ankles,” Schwartz said. “When we were backing out, it was coming in the back of the truck."

It wasn't long before Schwartz’s fears became reality.

"We heard a pop, and one of our windows collapsed in,” she said. “So then the water started coming into the house."

First responders from Coffey Co. Fire District #1, the Burlington Police Department, and the Coffey Co. Sheriff's Office came to the neighborhood to rescue stranded residents.

"They had a truck going down the street, and my husband went out with his flashlight to tell them where we were, and [they] came and got us,” Schwartz said.

Several other neighbors were rescued.

"Once they got us, they had to start bringing the jet skis to get people out,” Schwartz said.

Seventeen people displaced from their homes sought a place to stay at a Red Cross shelter, established at First Baptist Church.

Dry on Saturday, the neighborhood is recovering — putting the pieces back together.

"Horrible, stressful,” Schwartz said of the event. “But we're very blessed to have some really good friends helping us out. The town's coming together. Someone came by earlier to ask if we needed sandbags, so it's a great community coming together to help everyone."
No injuries were reported in the flooding rescue.