Wednesday's Child: Conner

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 10:53 PM CDT
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If you're a sports fan, you most likely will be a fan of our Wednesday's Child this week.

13-year-old Conner loves any type of sports. In particular, he just likes to run and be outside.

At school, it comes as no surprise that Connor likes PE class the most , but he does well in all of his classes, especially English.

Grades are important to Connor, and he takes pride in keeping them up.

Connor is a kid who has a lot of friends his age, but also gets along well with adults. He needs to be adopted by a family who will make sure he gets the services he needs to continue to thrive.

A good fit for Connor would be a family who lives in town and has pets – possibly snakes! But most of all, he needs a family who can successfully get him from childhood to adulthood.

His caseworker says, "Connor wants to join a branch in the military when he grows up. But until then, he'd benefit from a family who's committed to him and gives him opportunities to experience new things."

Hopefully his next new experience is becoming part of a safe and loving home.

If you'd like more information about Connor or any of the other kids in need of adoption, call Adopt Kansas kids at 877-457-5430 or go to