Water levels fall in rivers near Perry, lowering risk of flooding

PERRY, Kan. (WIBW) - Water levels in the lake Perry reservoir - the Delaware river - and the Kansas river are all going down.

Releasing mounting pressure behind the dam Sunday night raised worries the Delaware river might rise - and flood the town of Perry.

Emergency officials say so far, there's no need to worry.

"The rivers are actually dropping at this point this morning they were about 41.26 feet our at the Delaware, it's now 39.86 so the river level is going down, water is going out, we're looking good," said Kieth Jeffers, the head of Jefferson Co. Emergency Management.

Jeffers says the break in rain Monday allowed the Kansas and Delaware rivers to level out.

That's despite the Army Corps of Engineers releasing water at a rate around 5,000 cubic feet per second Monday - more than two million gallons per minute. I

In the coming days, they're expected to ramp it up to ten thousand cubic feet per second.

The release gives the reservoir a bit of a buffer for more rainfall - and Jeffers remains optimistic.

"It won't make too big of an impact because of just the way we are and the rivers going down so it should be just fine," Jeffers said.

"Everything's getting a lot better for us."

The corps will hold a public meeting at 7:00 tomorrow night at Perry-Lecompton high school to give everyone the latest on the situation.