Watch Out! Santa Paws came to town

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- You better watch out, you better not wine, you better not howl, I'm telling you why, Santa Paws has come to town.

"Well for a lot of people, pets are like children so you can enjoy the holiday feeling with your pets, get the memory of your photo and get lots of treats for your animals," said HHHS volunteer, Alicia Ratterree.

These festive pets decked the humane society's halls all to take a claw at Santa Paws. This holiday event helps raise funds for HHHS all while putting smiles on proud pet parent's faces.

"Willow is like my child, and she is part of the family, so I like to take her out and do everything I can for her," said dog owner, Kristy Grooms. "I mean how couldn't you with her cute little face."

A picture with the Kris Kringle was only ten bucks and these furry pets got a special treat; a stocking filled with goodies.

"Pets are like children to us," said dog owner, Lauren Lamott. "So it's fun to buy them presents and that they enjoy just as much as we do."

HHHS staff say this is their biggest Santa Paws turnout, but still haven't disclosed how much money was raised.