Washburn allows students to show off research in creative ways

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 2:17 PM CDT
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Washburn University students are going above and beyond regular coursework to show off art, research and some performances.

The college hosted "Apeiron," an annual campus-wide event for the Fine Arts, Humanities and Science Departments, among others. Instead of a research paper, the one-day event allows students to show off what they've learned using posters, oral presentations, exhibitions and more.

"I think it's encouraging for students to see what their fellow students are doing as a way to encourage them instead of just turning in a paper, going ahead and making that a public contribution," said Dr. Kelly Thor, the chair of Washburn's Art Department.

The event was free, allowing anyone to watch.

"Something that the community can enjoy. Not just the Washburn community, but members of the Topeka public," Thor added.

Apeiron, meaning "unlimited" in Greek, first started at Washburn in 1996.