Warning for parents after elementary students found dabbing vape liquid

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Marysville Police put a very urgent warning on their Facebook page earlier this week. It was a warning to all parents to make sure they have a discussion with their children about the dangers of vaping.

(Source: Marysville Police Dept. via Facebook)

“Now, it’s found its way down in our elementary schools,” said Marysville police Sgt. David Ohlde.

He’s worried. Worried after he was approached by elementary school staff saying they found writing pens filled with flavored nicotine for vape pens. He was shocked because 5th and 6th graders were dabbing the liquid from their pen directly into their mouths.

“They are a young age and putting something that is even on the warning label on this particular bottle, it’s not to be ingested directly. It could have major health effects,” Ohlde expressed.

“So when kids take this, and dab it that way, that’s just going straight into their systems and it’s even more powerful,” said Dr. Eric Voth with Stormont Vail.

Voth says the power of directly ingesting the liquid like that makes it more addicting. More so than regular vaping, and that could play a part in the development of the child’s brain.

“That kind of dosing can definitely be fatal. You can have fatal overdoses on nicotine. And, I think the more likely thing is more intense addiction. More risks of addiction,” Voth warned.

“They’re too young to understand the dangers and the health effects of it, and they’re testing those boundaries. So far we’ve been lucky that we haven’t had anyone hospitalized,” Ohlde added.

Before this, Sgt. Ohlde had been focusing his talks about vaping at the high school and middle school levels. Now he’s trying to educate everyone, including parents.

“Everybody’s busy. I understand that, but you’ve got to sit down and spread this awareness and have an active conversation. Tell your kids what you’re thoughts are and you don’t want them doing these things,” Ohlde warned.

Ohlde and Dr. Voth both say vaping supplies are available online so monitor the sites your children are visiting.