Walmart releases list of top sellers by state

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(WIBW) -- Say what you want about us Kansans, but we apparently really like our drinks to stay hot (or cold) - at least if Walmart's anything to go by.

The retail giant unveiled its list of some of its top-selling items, broken down by state. The map showcased what the company called "interesting top sellers."

In the Sunflower State, that means Ozark Trail Tumblers.

People in Topeka should probably say thanks to our neighbors to west too. The list shows folks in Colorado really like their peanut M&M's, a decent share of which might have been made right here.

There were other surprising finds all over the map - and at least one very unsurprising one (Guess which state buys a lot of Green Bay Packers bath mats?) Speaking of football, Montanans can't get enough Madden video games.

The best place too be a pet must be Nevada (dog treats) or New Mexico (cat food).

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