Wabaunsee sheriff warns of string of recent burglaries

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ALMA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Wabaunsee Co. Sheriff's Office wants residents to be careful if a stranger comes knocking or is approaching your home. If you do see someone you don't know on your property, they advise calling 911.

The warning comes after a series of burglaries and outbuildings in the southeast part of the county. The Sheriff's Office says individuals are breaking into homes in the afternoon and evening hours.

In a Facebook post late Monday night, authorities said a property owner told investigators one of the suspects was carrying a gun. They remind anyone who believes they see one of the suspects to be very cautious.

The suspects may have been in blue pick-up or silver pick-up, the witness said.

The suspects have taken everything from ATVs to copper wire to air conditioning units, the Sheriff's Office says.

Again, be cautious if someone knocks on your door or is approaching your home and call 911.