Plans revealed for development at SW 29th and Fairlawn

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Developer 29 Fairlawn LLC revealed their vision for 15 acres of land at SW 29th and Fairlawn.

“I’ve been asked constantly, ‘What’s going on at 29th and Fairlawn?’ Tonight you’ll get a good idea of what’s going on,” said Klausman at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “We’re committed to making this a top destination for Topeka.”

Midwest Health founder Jim Klausman knows a successful venture when he sees one. This time he’s combining risk and his roots to build something big for Top City.

“He’s a local guy. He put an absolute emphasis on partnering and bringing tenants in that are locally based as well,” said 29 Fairlawn LLC attorney Bob Johnson.

A Missouri-based B&B movie theatre and two Midwest real estate and development agencies will add a hotel and apartments to the property at 29th and Fairlawn.

Other locally-based businesses will call the $100 million project home as well.

“We have a Johnny’s restaurant. There’s a PT’s Coffee, that’s a homegrown coffee shop, there’s a Spin Pizza which is also a Northeast Kansas born and bred company,” said Johnson.

Developers plan to set aside land on the northern portion of the site to connect the western and eastern ends of the Shunga Trail.

“People can have dinner on our site and then go for a walk. It’ll be interconnected with that trail,” explained Johnson.

Johnson says the current land at 29th and Fairlawn requires a lot of work. Vacant buildings need to be demolished, roads need to be added, and utilities need to be relocated.

“It’s a very complicated multi-tenanted project. It’ll take phasing and working with the city’s professional staff,” said Johnson.

A TIF district has already been approved, using increased property and sales tax revenue from future improvements to repay some of the investment. Now they will seek approval for a community improvement district that would add additional sales tax to the property.

“We want to start as soon as possible. We think late September or early October we’ll be able to start,” said Johnson.