Virtual reality ride for business marketing

Published: Dec. 1, 2016 at 11:18 AM CST
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JNT Company, an interactive web and marketing company in Manhattan, unveiled its new virtual reality motion ride Wednesday.

“It was really fun. It’s like a real roller coaster where you go down hills, turns, up hills,” said fifth grader Tripp Shmidt.

Schmidt and a dozen other guests were the first people in the Little Apple to experience the JNT VR in Motion roller coaster ride.

CEO Jeff Hake came up with the idea as an innovative tool for business marketing strategies.

“With virtual reality, you do get a fully immersive experience. So (it works with) any type of marketing experience that includes product placement. If it’s a thrill ride or if it’s something really subtle like a flyover of a plane, people will actually remember that versus having to see or read something 17 to 30 times,” said Hake.

Hake teamed up with various partners all over the nation to build the ride.

“Computer engineers, 3-D graphics people and engineers that helped us with the simulator as well as a trailer manufacturing company,” said Hake.

“Wow, is all I can really say. I was blown away with how real it was. I feel right now like I feel when I get off of a real rollercoaster,” said Jamie Coones, Manhattan resident.

JNT VR in Motion created a virtual Santa Sleigh ride with varying degrees of intensity to accommodate children.

The virtual reality Santa Sleigh ride will be at the Festival of Lights grounds in Blue Earth Plaza Saturday, December 3 (1 to 5p.m.) and Saturday, December 10 (2 to 5p.m.).

“I encourage everyone to come and try it out for themselves,” said Hake.

According to Hake, the dream of the JNT VR in Motion was only possible through the financial support of local sponsors: Briggs Auto, Manhattan Area Technical College, Manhattan Eye Care, New Element and Festival of Lights.