Rep. Vic Miller nominated to fill Laura Kelly's Kansas senate seat

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A veteran local politician will fill the governor-elect's seat in the state senate in one of three vacancies created by the November elections.

Vic Miller is no stranger to Topeka area voters, and tonight he was chosen for a seat in the Kansas senate.

The 18th Senate Democratic Precinct Committee Members considered four candidates, Vic Miller, Vivian Olsen, Emily Stanley, and Lucas Ryan.

After speeches and a vote – the committee chose current State Representative Vic Miller to take the seat currently held by Governor-elect Laura Kelly.

"It's wonderful to represent a great group of people like this who are representative of a great group of people in the 18th district, so I feel very good that I have been given that opportunity," Miller said.

Miller says he's ready to meet the challenges of a diverse 18th district - one that stretches from Topeka to Wamego.

"Well it's not just Topeka and it's important to note that," he said.

"My first big challenge is to get out there in the more remote parts of this district and let those folks know that they're just as important, and let them know who Vic Miller is."

Miller served in the house from 1979 to 1984.

He then served on the Shawnee county commission and as a Topeka municipal court judge before coming back to the house in 2017. He was re-elected unopposed in November.

Miller’s name now goes to the governor for formal approval.