Vegan dogs? LA weighs new diet for shelter dogs

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- A proposal to switch Los Angeles shelter dogs` diets from meat-based to vegan has ignited a debate.

Marion Abels feeds a carrot to her dog Leila in Potsdam,�Germany, 23 September 2014. The�Romanian street dog has been vegan for years. Leila's menu consists pears, nuts, lintels, rice and a vegan dog food mixture. The market is for vegan pet owners. Photo by: Bernd Settnik/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

A proposal Los Angeles Animal Shelter Board of Commissioners would switch the dog's diet from meat-based to plant-based. The initiative is being driven by Commissioner Roger Wolfson and has the support of many vets, animal lovers, and prominent vegans, like Moby.

Th city's chief veterinarian, however, recommends against the vegan diet. In addition to health concerns, he says the workers at the crowded shelters would have to deal with a whole new problem: canine diarrhea.

Online petitions are already amassing signatures for and against the plan.