'Upskirting' is legal in Georgia, thanks to a technicality

Published: Jul. 20, 2016 at 8:47 PM CDT
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A warning for woman in Georgia, or planning on going to the Peach State, of someone takes pictures under your skirt - it's perfectly legal.

The state doesn't have an upskirting law.

Due to a technicality, Georgia's Court of Appeals says upskirting doesn't count as an invasion of privacy. It's a court decision that might have many women there thinking twice about whether they're going to wear a skirt in public again.

Judges recently ruled invasion of privacy in Georgia does not include sneaking a photo up a woman's skirt in a public place like a park or in the supermarket. The case the court of appeals just heard was in Macon, but man have been arrested in two other Georgia towns for doing the exact same thing. It's not clear how the decision will affect those cases.

"You've given people license to continue this kind of behavior until the next legislative session which is not until next year," said Tanya Washington, Georgia State University Law Professor.

The judges said in their 6-3 opinion that it's up to state lawmakers to fix the wording of the law. At least one lawmaker says the legislature is going to close this loophole, but the soonest chance they get will be in the spring.

"So we're going to have six months or so where these creeps can run around doing this stuff," said Georgia senator Vincent Ford.

Until then, women in Georgia should be extra aware of their surroundings while wearing a skirt or dress in public.