'Undercover High' star arrested for statutory rape

Daniel Goodloe (WTVF)
Daniel Goodloe (WTVF)(WIBW)
Published: Dec. 18, 2018 at 11:10 AM CST
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A former church employee who appeared on the A&E reality show filmed at Highland Park High School was arrested in Tennessee for rape.

Daniel Goodloe was booked last month on five charges of statutory rape by an authority figure,

. A grand jury had indicted him in October.

Goodloe had been a cast member on “Undercover High,” the docuseries recorded in Topeka

, aged 21 to 26, who embeded themselves for a semester. It

on the cable network in January.

Topeka Public Schools' spokesperson Misty Kruger told 13 NEWS the district learned about the arrest 'recently' and noted the allegations do not involve any USD 501 students nor did the reported events happen in Topeka.

"We have not been contacted by any law enforcement agencies regarding this case, but we would fully cooperate if contacted," she said.

Kruger added all participants on the show were vetted with a background check, a work history check, and a psychological evaluation. She said all of them passed those tests and were subject to more psychological tests while the show was being filmed.

Goodloe had been an employee at Crosspoint Church, in Nashville, and worked as a part-time student minister at the West Nashville Dream Center, WTVF reported.