USD 501 Superintendent gets contract extended and briefs board on snow days

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The USD 501 school board voted to extend Superintendent Dr. Tiffany Anderson's contract one year. It now goes until July 1st, 2022. That extension also come with a salary increase of $18,000

Board President Michael Morrison said extending Dr. Anderson’s contract with a pay raise is deserved.

"We think this is appropriate and she has done marvelous things for Topeka public schools,” Morrison said. “Our graduation rates are increasing, student achievement is increasing and we would like to keep her at Topeka Public Schools."

Dr Anderson said her focus will be to increase opportunities for all the district's students.

"I look forward to seeing more kids entering college and careers,” Anderson said. “I look forward to seeing continued pathways growing and partnerships and I look forward to increasing access and opportunity to every family that moves to Topeka."

During the board meeting, Dr. Anderson also briefed the board that they are nearing their limit of snows days.

Any more, and they may need to extend the school year.

She also answered concerns about the impact on staff who may have lost pay on the missed days.

"We've also ensured that our classified staff, who wouldn't normally report to work on days such as parent conference days, such as our cafeteria workers,” Anderson said. “They have the opportunity to report to work and address needs in the kitchen area, because the kitchen is cleaned throughout the course of the year, we've allowed for them to do that during that time which allows them to have that compensation.”

She added that at the end of the day, when it comes to closing schools, it is students first.

Schools in Kansas are required to log 1,116 hours of in-school time. As of Tuesday, February 12, TPS is projected to reach 1,122 hours.