Two years after the devastating fire at Hale Library plans to reopen made

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Two years ago, fire on the roof caused major damage to Kansas State University’s Hale Library.

Hale Library staff provided an update on efforts to complete repairs, and fully reopen the building.

May 22nd 2018 -- fire broke out on the roof of K-State’s Hale Library.

Fire crews poured 400-thousand gallons of water into putting it out --

K-State Dean of Libraries Lori Goetsch recalls the first meetings to determine the next steps.

“The president’s cabinet and some other administrators around campus, and then I knew things were pretty serious, when all those people were…had come together.” Kansas State University, dean of libraries, Dean Lori Goestch says.

Beyond repairing the building, they made plans to remove and restore One and a half million books.

“We were so grateful that it didn’t travel any further than it did” Dean Goestch says.

The first floor reopened to students and faculty in Fall 2019, with collaborative study spaces allowing for group study sessions.

Library staff planned to start bringing books back in April, but COVID-19 delayed the move.

“We are in the process of getting them prepared to come back. We hope we’ll start seeing them move back in later this summer.” Dean Goestch says.

Dean Goetsch says it will take a few months before library staff will have the books organized for people to use.

As for reopening the rest of the library, they plan to allow people on the second floor around July 1st, as it’s the easiest space to socially distance, with the rest happening in phases.

“It will reopen before the third anniversary of the fire.” Dean Goestch says.

Hale Library staff say reopening schedule for the library could be adjusted due to changes in COVID-19 guidelines, and advice from university officials.