Two Eudora Officers applauded for their heroic actions

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) -- Officers Fred Ramirez and Cody Galley responded to a smoke filled home in Eudora just before one in the morning January seventh.

"There were some people outside that said there was a man still inside, and they hadn't seen him come out," Sgt. Tom Willis with the Eudora Police Department said.

Sgt. Willis said the two officers spring into action.

"The officers didn't hesitate at all. They ran inside," he explained.

Body camera footage captured scene.

"The house was full of smoke. The video really doesn't do justice as to how much smoke was really in there. They had to use flashlights," Sgt. Willis said.

The video shows Officers Ramirez and Galley as they navigated through the thick black smoke. They were able to find a man on the stairs who was unconscious.

They tried waking him up before dragging him out to safety. He regained consciousness once outside.

The two officers risked their lives and health, but continued working. They can be seen and heard breathing heavily from taking in too much smoke.

"They refused medical attention until the guy that they pulled out was seen too," Sgt Willis said.

Sgt. Willis, the officers direct supervisor, said their bravery and selflessness did not surprise him.

"We have a fantastic police department, and the men that went in would do it again. They just showed up and knew that somebody needed help so they went in and helped," he added.

The two officers and the man in the home were all treated and made a full recovery.
Sgt. Willis said he has nominated the two for a Valor award for their actions.