Tuesday is the last day to register to vote

Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 12:26 PM CDT
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Election Day is almost here and Kansans only have until the end of the day Tuesday to get registered.

In Shawnee Co., residents can register at the Shawnee Co. Elections Office, 3420 SW Van Buren, until 5 p.m., or at the Topeka Shawnee Co. Public Library until 9 p.m.

Shawnee Co. Elections Commissioner Andrew Howell says it's tough to have your voice heard if you miss the deadline.

"The critical point is we must have that completed before midnight if you do DMV online, so make sure you click the submit button before midnight," Howell said.

Voters can also register online,

Howell expects a lower turnout this year, "definitely something under 20 percent, but I won't know, or have a good projection until we see a little bit more about the early patterns are shaping up."

Commissioner Howell suggests people get to know what's on their ballot.

"Just this election is really focused on school board members and if you live in a city, your going to have some combination of city council and some cities, you'll have a mayor on the ballot."

Plus, everyone in the state will decide a constitutional amendment. "It does have to deal with the census and how the census works, and how people are counted in the state vs. out of the state," Howell said.

The General Election is on November 5 and early voting in Shawnee Co. begins Monday.

"We're doing a good job of getting people registered, so I think the message is resonating," he said. "It's just the last minute reminder to people, if you haven't it's important, its your chance to have your in your community."

To check your registration information status,

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