Trails Cafe in Holton plans to serve up something new

HOLTON, Kan. (WIBW) - Trails Cafe has been a home-style staple in Holton for more than half a century.

Cindy Stavropoulus owns the restaurant with her husband John. Their son Alex manages the kitchen.

"It is an icon in the community,” Cindy said.

John agrees. He says not much has changed with the food, though they have done several remodels of the restaurant itself.

"A lot of things change but a lot of things stay the same. Chicken-fried steak hasn't changed in 30 years. People love it and we serve a lot of them so that doesn't change,” John said.

The specialty is home-style food with a cozy atmosphere.

The family trio comes up with the menu; each of them has a hand in the business.

"Cindy's a great cook; I always say I'm a line cook … She's cooked all of her life, and Alex brings in some good ideas,” John said.

Cindy has lived in Holton nearly her entire life. John's been at the restaurant since he was 21.

Alex says he’s moved around a bit but he’s always managed to come home.

"I started washing dishes when I was 14, cooked through high school and went off to college and kind of did some other things but I always ended up coming back to trails," Alex said.

Cindy described each of their roles, she said,

"Typically my husband and my son are the leaders, the cheerleaders in the kitchen and I'm behind-the-scenes with catering and the home-style lunches and dinners."

They're known across Kansas for their catfish, but their chicken-fried steak and farm-to-table cheeseburgers are very popular as well.

In a few days - they plan to serve up something new.

The restaurant is expanding into the old gas station next door.

"We're very, very excited about the expansion," Cindy said.

They've remodeled the space for events - or game day.

They even plan to host live music and comedy.

"We think it's gonna be a nice addition to what we already have," Cindy said.

The additions are just one more reason to stop by Trails Cafe.