Tradition! Mahomes flying in his KC barber to cut his hair before the Super Bowl

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MIAMI, FL (WIBW) -- Aside from his unique style on the field, one of the main trademarks of Patrick Mahomes is his hair style!

On Tuesday, Mahomes said he will be flying his barber to Miami, FL, to continue his tradition of getting a haircut before a game.

“I’ve got my barber from Kansas City coming in. I’ll make sure I’ll get a haircut before the Super Bowl for sure. On Friday. It’s my routine,” said Mahomes.

Dejuan Bonds, owner of Purple Label Barbershop in Kansas City, came up with the style and labeled it “The Show Me” haircut.

Bonds told ESPN that he came up with the style specifically for Mahomes and since then, kids line his shop to get one as well.