Town and Country Christian Church feeds 400 families at monthly food distribution

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 6:13 PM CDT
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Volunteers from Town and Country Christian Church gathered in prayer at Kansas Neurological Institute (KNI) Thursday to open their emergency food drive through Harvesters Thursday for families still experiencing the financial impact of COVID-19.

More than 24 thousand pounds of food was distributed to about 400 thousand families at a massive emergency distribution to people still experiencing the economic impact of COVID-19.

“There's a lot of people who don't have anyway of getting any type of food during this time,” Dale Greer, a minister at the church said Thursday. “I'm glad we're able to help them out that way.”

The increase in cars at the monthly food giveaway was evident for for the church’s Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy Deitering.

“It's sad but right now with the virus and everything there's even more people who are even more needy so we're very grateful that the food is available,“ she said. “It's thrilling just to be able to have the opportunity and the people are always so incredibly grateful and some people say 'you know, I wouldn't make it through the month if it weren't for you guys.”

For Martin Haines, a retired member of the United State Coast Guard, having less stress about food is welcome as he copes with multiple family members out of work and other unforeseen expenses.

"I'm saving money and my bills can get paid. We just lost our car. It was ruined, it was totaled and we're just fighting right now to make sure we can keep everyone at the house fed," he said. “They're lifesavers it's like the ends are coming together when there's these gaps in between it means we'll be able to see food next weekend on our table still instead of going without.”

Christine Anton of Eskridge expressed gratitude for the variety of fresh food available at the site while there’s some limitations at home.

“Being out in Eskridge we don't have a big grocery store,” she said. “We have a little one that has a lot of things but not a lot of selection so getting fresh produce means a lot, it helps a lot with the food budget.”

Some recipients, like Steve Zimmerman, who was picking up for two senior citizens, were grateful for the consideration of the health of those picking up goods.

“It's one less trip to the grocery store which enables us to save some money but to also stay out of the store; so in these trying times it helps all of us out a lot who come through here.”

Harvesters distributions through Town and Country Christian Church at KNI are held the first Thursday of every month.