Topeka's going to make those jalapeno M&M's, 2 other flavors

(Source: Instagram)
(Source: Instagram)(WIBW)
Published: Jan. 21, 2019 at 11:03 AM CST
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Those brand-new M&M’s will all be made right here in Topeka.

Last week, the company told fans to “get ready for a mini-vacation” for their mouths as they roll out three new “international inspired flavors” of peanut M&M’s this year.

  • Mexican Jalapeno
  • English Toffee
  • Thai Coconut

A company spokesperson confirmed to 13 NEWS that all three flavors will be produced at the M&M’s plant right here in Topeka.

You’ll be able to try them all next Monday, January 28. And, like last year, you’ll then be able to vote for your favorite.

“With M&M’S Flavor Vote back this year, we’re thrilled for our fans to vote and are sure the three internationally-inspired flavors will excite their taste buds,” says Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Brand Director, M&M’S.

Voters can also enter to win a trip to the three countries that inspired the new flavors, England, Mexico, and Thailand. Votes can be cast online at or by texting the word “vote” to 84444 and following the instruction in the replies.

“We believe flavors have the power to transport you, and this time, we are making that journey a reality by offering participating fans the chance to win a trip around the world,” Miazga-Bedrick said.

In the first Flavor Vote in 2016, fans voted to add Coffee Nut to store shelves. Last year, Crunchy Mint won. This year’s winner will be announced in August.

According to the company, the Mexican Jalapeño Peanut flavor combines just the right amount of spice with chocolate. The Thai Coconut Peanut flavor is a savory sweet taste inspired by the tropics of Thailand. And there’s nothing more English than toffee, and the quintessential English Toffee Peanut flavor tastes as elegant as a trip to Great Britain itself.

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