Topeka's Speck's Tavern may be featured on Bar Rescue

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A longtime Topeka bar could be getting some national attention soon.

Specks Tavern is in the running to be featured on the show Bar Rescue on the Paramount Network.

Producers of the show stopped by Specks Tavern on Wednesday afternoon to talk with the owner and longtime customers, who say they're ready for the changes.

"If we make it, it would be great to maybe get some ideas in the kitchen.” owner Deb Harrod said. ”And realize you know my help and my children…they just shrug their shoulders if I tell them something."

Specks has been around in Topeka since 1957, named after original owner Franklin “Speck” Benge.

After Speck passed in the 80's his daughter, Deb, took over the place and slowly over time the bar has needed an overhaul.

"You know we need to move forward with changes, but you have to listen to the ideas which they're not good with," Harrod said.

Harrod’s granddaughter Vanessa Seal who is also a waitress at the bar says she’s excited but has some reservations.

“When he comes in I’m kind of nervous, I've seen he's very intense and I'm kind of nervous to see how my grandma, obviously the owner, will deal with it." Seal explained.

They hope the show will boost plans to expand their menu and drink options, update the overall look, and take care of other issues like managing a staff filled with family members.

"My only worry is that the older crowd, I don't know if that’s going to offend them, they are used to the way everything looks like,” Seal said. “I don’t know if that will kind of scare them away."

But if customers are anything like longtime customer Henry McClure, they're ready for the changes.

"Oh I think this is cool. I like the Jon Taffer guy cause he's totally outspoken you know he's got his ways, he knows the bar business, he's going to do it his way or the highway." McClure said.

And when asked if Deb can handle the intense nature of the show...

“I've been here over 40 years I can handle about anything, seen about anything." Harrod laughed.

Harrod hopes to know sometime in the coming weeks if the bar will be featured on Bar Rescue.