Topekans have have open discussion about civil discourse

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TOPEKA (WIBW)--- The community came together Thursday night to have an honest discussion about gun issues and public safety.

The Greater Topeka Partnership and Leadership Greater Topeka partnered with the Kansas Leadership Center for this conversation about civil discourse.

The Kansas Leadership Center put together community discussions called 'journal talks' where they bring citizens from various backgrounds together to discuss hot button topics.

Organizers say Thursday's discussion was meant to be a community conversation, introducing people to multiple perspectives on gun use. They say there are no wrong answers.

"Nowadays the views are so polarizing. So, we want people to realize that this challenge like any other challenge is not monolithic," says Michelle Cuevas-Stubblefield with Greater Topeka Partnership. "There are varying degrees of beliefs, values, loyalties towards any particular challenge especially gun use and throughout Kansas."

Thursday's event was held on the Washburn Campus. Organizers hope to bring more discussions to the Topeka area.