Topeka teacher under fire for controversial Facebook posts

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Topeka elementary school teacher is sparking criticism over social media posts.

Two parents of Randolph Elementary students, who wished to remain anonymous, told 13 NEWS about the controversial Facebook posts.

"I started looking and was quite shocked,” said one concerned parent.

The parents sent 13 NEWS screen shots of what they call "disturbing" posts made by the Randolph Elementary 2nd grade teacher.

“Well she seems to feel like the recent school shootings are the fault of the victims, basically blanket statements that they were bullies, and it seems to be the fault of the parents of the children. She talks about the students negatively, she talks about parents negatively, she actually posts about how many students in her class have IEP's, and what kind of troubles are going on,” the parent said.

And both parents want the district to step in.

“Considering that they [the district] were notified and she immediately posted basically a childish taunting post like you're tattle tales, I feel like they really should take some kind of immediate action,” the parent said.

Topeka Public Schools Spokesperson Misty Kruger says, as of now, the teacher is still employed with the district, but they encourage parents to reach out with concerns.

"If they don't notify us of their concerns we may not know about it, and a lot of times we may already know but we encourage them to reach out to us. We can't talk specifics of what happens to individual employees when things like this happen due to their privacy as an employee, but I assure you anytime something is reported it is investigated by the district,” Kruger said.

Parents said although the posts may be to a personal page, it could reflect the teacher's attitude is in the classroom.

"I don't think that anyone should have their right to free speech infringed upon, but I think when you're an educator you're held to a higher standard. These are kids. These are young minds that are being molded, and they need to be molded with the right things,” the parent said.

This is the second incident recently involving a USD 501 teacher and social media posts.

A teacher who got into a heated exchange over gun control earlier this month was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.