Topeka salutes veterans with annual parade downtown

Published: Nov. 9, 2019 at 5:24 PM CST
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Downtown Topeka was full of red, white and blue for Saturday's Sunflower Salute Veterans parade.

Crowds watched as the Kansas State skydivers parachuted in to present the American Flag.

That was shortly followed by the 190th fly-by.

Military service men and women walked in the parade.

Groups and organizations from across the community were also represented.

13's very own Melissa Brunner helped emcee the event.

Many people said they came out to show appreciation for veterans, and thank them for their sacrifice.

Jan Arms of Topeka said, "It's a beautiful day to just honor the veterans that have done so much for us."

Alicia Carter watched the parade with her family and said, "It's amazing to be able to honor the country and join as a community."

Brian Littrell moved to Topeka from Oregon and said he wanted to bring his kids out to see the parade.

"I'm a veteran, an Iraqi veteran, and I just wanted to get my kids involved in the community to show them how much support the community has for veterans," he said.

Sarah McCullough is the proud wife of a Vietnam veteran and said, "It's just nice to see that there is a celebration for the veterans and everyone now says thank you for service."

Her husband Lester said he had multiple tours in Vietnam and every time he returned home the welcoming was never warm.

"During Vietnam we didn't have much greeting coming back," he said, "Things have changed a lot. I've had three or four come up to me and thank me sitting right here."