Topeka road crews dedicated to keeping streets safe during this winter storm

A light dusting of snow is expected for Knoxville early Tuesday. / (MGN)
A light dusting of snow is expected for Knoxville early Tuesday. / (MGN)(WVLT)
Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 6:37 PM CST
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The City of Topeka and Kansas Department of Transportation crews will work Friday night and throughout the weekend to get the highways and streets clear.

"As soon as the rain is over and the weather starts changing where it's getting colder, we will be getting out and putting treatments on the roads," Street Operations Manager of City of Topeka, Tony Trower said.

The City of Topeka says it is prepared for winter weather conditions, "We have four new trucks that have wing plows on them, eight foot wing plows. So, when the snow hits we basically can clean two lanes of roadway with one truck and then we have anti-ice tanks in the back of them or pre-treatment that will pre-treat the material so when it hits the ground, its already damp and activated," Trower explained.

They say considering these weather conditions, drivers should use caution even with their efforts.

"They need to slow down give themselves some time. Just because it may look like it's wet pavement doesn't mean isn't slick pavement," Area Superintendent of KDOT, David Studebaker said. "Leave some space between you and the people in front of you so you don't become friends to fast."

The Kansas Department of Transportation says drivers steering clear of the roads will help their plows clear the snow.

"We're in big orange trucks with flashing lights, don't crowd the plows because they got stuff coming out the back, they got big plows on the front. they can't stop any better than you in some cases so don't crowd them and wonder what could happen," Studebaker explained.

They say most wrecks happen when drivers don't slow down, "if could lose control, your likely going to end up colliding with something or being in a ditch," Studebaker said.

KDOT says cars will be towed if necessary.

"If there in the road or if they're close to the edge of the road where it may cause another issue," Studebaker said. "We will request to have some removed if they are in an unsafe situation where there causing a hazard to the public."

The City of Topeka has a map showing progress of its street crews,

For continuously-updated road information,

and click on the Road Condition map.

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