Topeka-native & U.S. Open Champ Gary Woodland is a doubly proud pop

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WIBW) -- You would think winning the U.S. Open would be the highlight of anyone’s year. But, for Gary Woodland, it’s probably not going to be any higher than third.

The Topeka-native tweeted a brand-new family photo – and the first one featuring the two newest Woodlands: Maddox and Lennox. While mom Gabby holds her bundles of joy, dad’s picked up now-big brother Jax and made quick quip about his son no longer being an only child.

“Best part is Jax doesn’t realize our identical twin girls will be coming home soon,” Woodland writes.

And, if you look down you can see one of the babies looking like she’s facepalming after hearing her very first dad joke.