Topeka honors past, looks to future at Brown v. Board 65th anniversary celebration

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Across the street from the Brown v. Board of Education historic site - set up on the lawn of the Brown v. Board mural - a community came together to celebrate.

"We're ecstatic that for the last 10 days that we've been able to celebrate, this is not the end but more so the beginning," said Enimini Ekong, the Brown v. Board site's chief of interpretation, education, and visitor services.

"Happy to celebrate 65 years ... any time that we get an opportunity that we get an opportunity to celebrate this court case it's about what benefits we've reaped from this court but it's also a good time for us to do a little bit of a heart check. And for us to continue to evaluate how much more we can do for the generations that will be coming behind us."

SJ Hazim helped put the event together.

"I have a lot of high hopes for Topeka." he said.

The event serves as a celebration of the past - but also a reminder to keep working on the future.

"Part of this was titled, 'Unfinished Business' in part because we feel like there's a lot more that we can dialogue about as a community," Ekong said.

Hazim echoed his sentiment.

"This book is unfinished, it's still being written right now by us. It's up to us to grab the baton," Hazim said.

The Brown v. Board of Education site is planning more events to continue the conversation.

To see more, visit their website here.