Topeka homeowner dodges bullet confronting burglar

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Topeka man hopes his home surveillance cameras help catch a would-be thief who shot at him while trying to steal those cameras.

The man, who asked 13 NEWS not to use his name, lives in the Oakland neighborhood. He said he noticed on his monitor Wednesday morning that some of his cameras were not working.

The man then spotted a car in his driveway, and a man, about six feet tall with a bandanna over his face, walking toward the house.

The homeowner went out to confront the man.

"I had no clue that he was armed. I just thought that he was a thief," the homeowner said.

The man said he followed the man through the yard and "got him cornered." As he started to walk toward the suspect, the suspect fired a gunshot that hit the ground about an inch from the homeowner's foot.

The homeowner ran inside his home to grab his own weapon, while the suspect ran back to the car, and drove through neighboring yards to get away.

"It was quite a morning before I had my coffee," the homeowner said.

The suspect dropped the cameras he'd been trying to steal as he left. Afterward, the homeowner discovered several of his security cameras had the wires cut or were otherwise disconnected and removed from their locations.

The homeowner says police later recovered the shell casing, and told him the car the suspect was driving had been reported stolen.

The homeowner said he wanted to share the video he captured of the suspect in hopes someone can identify him. People can call their tips to Shawnee Co. Crime Stoppers, 785-234-0007, or contact Topeka Police at