Topeka Zoo's lemur Cleo gives birth to stillborn litter

Cleo the Lemur (Source: Topeka Zoo via Facebook)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Staff members at the Topeka Zoo were saddened over the weekend when they learned their 11-year-old lemur Cleo first baby was stillborn and none of her other three pups had survived.

“It was a very sad night Saturday for the staff that were here taking care of Cleo and for our entire team as the news spread,” Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said. “We were all really looking forward to this birth."

According to the Zoo, Cleo delivered the first baby Saturday evening. After they determined the baby monkey was stillborn, zoo staff turned their focus back to Cleo. They determined three more babies were still in utero and at one of them had a heartbeat.

An emergency Caesarian section found two of them had died. The third had a heartbeat, but never took a breath. they said. All four pups had an abnormality.

Zoo officials say Cleo is recovering from the surgery and is doing well. They are also plying her with extra helpings of her favorite fruit.

"I am always amazed at what our staff accomplishes and the efforts they give to the animals that live here," Wiley added. The compassion that they displayed during this event was incredible.”