Topeka Zoo enlist help of TFD to locate sleeping bears

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TOPEKA (WIBW)-- The Topeka Zoo needed a little help locating their bears.

So, they enlisted the assistance from the Topeka Fire Department and its thermal imaging camera to help find the bears.

Topeka Zoo Director Brendan Wiley told 13 NEWS, there are more dens than there are bears. That means, when they want to escape, they have a lot of places to choose from.

"It was really amazing to see the fire department and their technology work," Wiley said. "They were able to take their camera, aim it a den, and tell us if there was a heat signal in there or not. It took awhile, but we did actually find all three bears."

The Zoo recently welcomed two new sun bears, Ho-Ho and Cupcake.

Wiley said the Zoo's great habitat and the weather makes for a relaxing atmosphere for the animals.