Topeka Zoo coyote dies at age 16

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Topeka Zoo announced on its Facebook page Saturday that Smokey, their beloved coyote, has died.

The Zoo said Smokey passed away in her sleep at 16 years old. They said that is extremely old for a coyote, as they usually only live 6-8 years in the wild.

Smokey was rescued from a prairie fire as a puppy in 2003 where the rest of her litter died and her mother could not be found.

The zoo said she had third degree burns and suffered from smoke inhalation, and was nursed back to health at a local wildlife rehab.

Smokey came to the Topeka Zoo in 2010 and they said she quickly became a staff and guest favorite.

The zoo said her passing is a shock to the staff, as Smokey has been in good health.

Topeka Zoo is encouraging the community to join them in remembering all the wonderful moments they had with Smokey.