Donor Connect helps people discover issues they can contribute to

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - City officials and non-profit leaders from around the area gathered at the Topeka Zoo Thursday, hoping to get community members more involved.

The Topeka Community Foundation hosted its third Donor Connect event of the year. The gathering lets people who have established funds through the Topeka Community Foundation to learn more about community issues and where they might direct their donations.

TCF President Marsha Pope says hosting Thursday's event at the Zoo helps focus the conversation.

"We've had Donor Connects around Community Health, we've had them around educational kinds of items for kids and this time it was about animals," she said. "We have lots of donors who have lots of different interests. We just want to take an opportunity to expose them to the many great things that are going on in our community."

Pope said the Community Foundation has supported the Zoo since the organization was formed.