Topeka West senior bowls three 300s in three months

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- We all know the saying "nobody's perfect."

Topeka West senior Jordan Freed has proved that maxim wrong, bowling three perfect games since September.

"It takes a lot of luck," Freed said. "Luck and skill, definitely."

Freed says he bowled his first 300 in practice. He bowled one in league play in November, then again on Saturday.

"When he gets on a roll you can't stop him," Jordan's twin brother Jared said. "I know that from experience from losing to him."

Jordan's first perfect game entered him into the Freed 300 Club.

According to their math, their dad has bowled at least nine perfect games. Jared once bowled a 300 in practice.

"You know you've got eight or nine in a row," Jared said, "You just can't really think about it too much or you're going to mess up."

"I try not to think about it but that never works," Jordan said.

Both Jordan and Jared say it's better to not talk about it during the game.

"It's usually a jinx when you talk about it."

Jordan and Jared will be heading to Ottawa University next year. and will be members of the bowling team.

Until then, Jordan's three 300s still aren't enough to get him into a different family club.

"I have an 800 series," Jared said with a smile. "He doesn't."

"I got close on one of them - 782," Jordan said. "I've got to beat my dad, he has 800. So it's just me, I've got to get one of those."