Topeka VA working to make health care for female veterans easier

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The VA of Eastern Kansas is making sure its women veterans are up-to-date on their health check-ups.

They hosted a mobile mammography vehicle Wednesday afternoon, where the veterans got routine screens on-site. Women Veteran Program Manager Kathy Zima-Sauer says as the population of women veteran's grows, so do their needs for proper health care.

They say the bus is almost like a test pilot to see if the veterans like it enough to make a routine thing.

"We've got about 25, 26 appointments scheduled so we're going to gather feedback from our women veterans that have utilized it and we're hoping to bring them routinely to our campuses to better serve our women veterans," Zima-Sauer said.

Friday, the bus will be doing mammograms at the VA's Leavenworth campus.