Topeka Rescue Mission makes gains in donations

TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) -- The Topeka Rescue Mission has received more than $400,000 in donations since announcing their financial shortfall.

“[This] is amazing. That quick, that fast for people to be able to help us,” Director of the Rescue Mission Barry Feaker said.

However that money from the community will only keep the doors open through the end of September.

Feaker says the Rescue Mission’s monthly operational budget is nearly $380,000.

“We still need an additional $760,000 to get to the end of November,” he explained.

If the Rescue Mission is not able to raise that money, then several services will have to be eliminated.

Feaker hopes donations during the winter will help the Mission continue into the New Year.

“That’s generally when the large giving comes about, and we will have our Christmas campaign kicking off right after Thanksgiving,” he added.

Feaker said he feels blessed by how people are stepping up in any they can to keep the Mission from shuttering its doors.

“There’s been the lemonade stands. There’s been some kids that are offering to mow grass and walk dogs for helping out the Rescue Mission,” he said.

The Rescue Mission will launch a sustainability campaign later this month called ‘Threedom Day’ to help its residents.

If the $760,000 is not raised several services may be eliminated.