Topeka Police apologizing for Father's Day tweet

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) --- The Topeka Police Dept. is apologizing for an attempt at a humorous Father's Day post.

The agency took a lot of heat for the post that joked parents whose kid’s dad use drugs or have broken the law “make a memory” and celebrate Father’s Day by turning him in.

“Does your child’s father have warrants? Is he carrying around any drugs? Has he been caught committing any crimes? Want to give him a Father’s Day he’ll never forget? Call TPD and we’ll help your family make a memory that will last a lifetime,” TPD tweeted Sunday morning.

The now-deleted post, which was made on the department’s main account, was removed by the afternoon amid the backlash. But, as often occurs in these cases, screenshots continued to spread, bringing criticism from across the country.

“This isn’t funny, isn’t clever and is a terrible use of a tweet on Father’s Day,” Topekan Ann Williamson tweeted.

On Monday, the Topeka Police Dept. posted an apology on Twitter:

Yesterday a member of our social media team tweeted on the official TPD Twitter account. The tweet was meant to be humorous and light-hearted, but was hurtful to some. After realizing this, the tweet was quickly deleted. We would like to sincerely apologized for this mistake. This will be a learning experience and goes to show that words, even when intended to be humorous, can be hurtful to others. Thank you to all who reached out, letting us know how you felt.