Topeka Metro looks into adding Sunday bus services

TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) -- Sundays are just as busy as any other day of the week for many people.

“Well you go to the mall, get around and go to church,” Topeka Metro rider said.

However, for many Topeka Metro Riders, getting to those activities can be difficult.

“Well you actually have to walk. I have to walk,” Gary Lindsey, another Topeka Metro rider said.

Topeka Metro’s buses stay parked on Sundays.

“People like myself on Sundays, you know, it’s hard to get back and forth to work, and for a city this size you know they need to have transportation,” Lindsey added.

General Manager Susan Duffy said Topeka Metro is taking action to improve their services.

“It will have been a decade since our mill levy was increased and we will go before city council to make that request,” Duffy explained.

Duffy is asking for the tax rate to be raised one mill which will give them the resources to add Sunday routes and more.

“Be on schedule. To replace our buses and also add some new service,” she added.

Lindsey says he would like to see additional routes throughout the week as well.

“I think that many they should go to like eight or nine o’clock in the evening on the weekdays,” he said.

For now, riders says they look to alternatives like a taxi or Uber and Lyft when buses aren’t running.

One rider says those options can get really expensive.

A single ride on the bus costs two dollars.

Topeka Metro says their number one goal is to make sure riders are able to get to their destination no matter the day.

They will submit their proposal to City Council Tuesday January 15th.