Topeka Mayor discusses riverfront planing with esteemed urban strategist

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The greater Topeka partnership hosted a meet and greet Monday for a special guest - who's helping to bring Topeka's riverfront dreams closer to reality.

Carol Coletta is an urban advocate and strategist.

She visited Topeka to help the city develop options for its riverfront.

Coletta says Topeka's biggest challenge is overcoming the large levees that hide the Kansas river, and make it difficult for the public to access.

She says they must devise a plan that gets people over the levee and down to the river in a safe way.

"Water makes everything around it more valuable, so your opportunity is not only to think how to get people on to the river, but also how to make this river one that the people of this community and this region want to live near and want to work near."

Mayor Michelle De La Isla says one of the first things the city can start doing is work on policies to attract business to the riverfront.