Topeka Jump holds moment of prayer for Shawnee Co. murder victims

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 10:05 PM CDT
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Topeka Jump held a virtual candle light prayer vigil to remember those who lost their lives due to violence this year in Shawnee County.

Standing apart, some watching online-- COVID- 19 may have disrupted how Topeka Jump came together, but they say it has not disrupted the amount of violence in Shawnee County.

“I’m just in awe.. I’m in awe we have to do better.”

This year alone Shawnee County has seen nine deaths due to violence.

Topeka Jump honored each of those individuals Wednesday night with a candle light, a moment of prayer, and a call to action.

“When I seen all of this stuff going on it just kind of touch my heart you know what I’m saying and I wanted to reach out with the program to get some strategies together to do something about this because enough is enough.. Too many families are being ruined.” said Topeka Jump member Raymond Fox.

Evan Robinson came to remember his friend, Joheem Meredith, who was shot and killed just last week.

“There was never a dull moment with Joheem, I loved being around him. He was really gentle character and he always had people laughing.. he had people on the floor laughing, that was just Joheem.”

Robinson is calling for the community to get involved so they don’t lose a friend like he did.

“We’re more apathetic then we want to admit and it’s the whole community not just the small community that’s affected here but it’s the whole community of Topeka that needs to get involved and address these issues. You always see the same people at these things and I think that has got to change.”