Tiger found in vacant Houston home by man wanting to smoke pot

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HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's not something you see every day. A one-thousand pound tiger was found inside the garage of a abandoned home in Houston.

The big cat was found in a rickety cage by someone who went into the home to smoke marijuana, according to police.

"A concerned citizen called 311, they were trying to get into this house to smoke marijuana. We questioned them as to whether they were actually under the effects of the drugs or they actually saw a tiger," Houston Police Sgt. Jason Alderete explained.

The home had been abandoned for some time, but someone coming by has been feeding the tiger, Alderete said. He noted several packages of meat were found at the house.

Once officers arrived and saw the animal, the challenge was to get the tiger out. First, they tranquilized it and brought in a wreck to help get the large car out. Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered to watch it all.

"I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe they would have something like that in there," one person watching said.

Once they got the tiger out of the driveway, it was loaded onto a trailer
and taken to a local shelter.

"The animal was in a tiny garage, completely dark, smelled like urine, deplorable conditions. The animal was really thirsty so we were able to give it some water and so that was a good thing. We'll get it back to BARC and figure out what tigers eat," BARC Division Manager Jarrad Mears said.

The shelter has been in communication with the county, working to find a new home for the tiger.